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About Vapes

If you are looking for a clean and discreet way to consume cannabis, vapes are one of the best options around. 

When it comes to ease of use, it doesn’t get much better than a vape. All you have to do is press a button, there is no need for grinders, lighters, or rolling papers. They are small and portable, offering a great way to get your cannabis on the go.

Dosing is also much easier when vaping, and the user can control exactly how much they are smoking at any given time. The effects of a vape cartridge will often be more short-lived than smoking flower or consuming concentrates.

Wondering how it works? Vapourizers heat the cannabis concentrates up to high temperatures below the point of combustion, turning them into vapour that can be inhaled. The oils in the concentrates contain cannabinoids and terpenes without the excess plant. When it is heated, the chemical compounds in the concentrate become active.

Our vape cartridges are among the highest-quality on the market and are made without harmful additives. They are rigorously tested to ensure they are safe for consumption. We have a variety of strains available that are packed with flavour and perfectly potent. 

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